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Unlocking Your Membership: The ElderCounsel Community

Webinar Recorded: March 3, 2017
Presented by Teresa White
Duration: 29 minutes

You’ve joined the ElderCounsel community and you’re eager to take advantage of everything that comes with your membership. Good! We know membership offers a lot. That’s why we created this webinar series to help you take advantage of your membership and navigate the vast resources at your disposal. Each quarter, we’ll feature new membership offerings and enhancements while providing a refresher on existing resources and benefits.

Our greatest asset is you, our membership. Your collective wisdom, contributions, and participation make ElderCounsel a unique organization. We believe in the importance of community and aim to foster collegiality among our members. This webinar will highlight the resources available that foster collaboration and networking. We’ll also showcase some ElderDocx insights.

Did you know your ElderCounsel membership extends to your entire firm?

Any member of your firm has access to your membership benefits: the ElderDocx drafting system, quality and timely education, valuable marketing tools and a variety of resources designed to elevate your practice. They also have access to training and personalized support. Share this invitation with your staff and empower them to to benefit your clients, and your business.

Topics Covered:

  1. ElderCounsel Community Resources
    • Online Discussion Groups
    • Listserv
    • Email Organization
  2. Member Directory
    • Searching our directory
    • Opt-in to the member directory
    • Update your profile
    • Featured member
    • Your profile link
  3. ElderDocx Webpage Updates
    • ElderDocx Landing Page
    • Installation Page
  4. Membership Representative: Your Dedicated ElderCounsel Resource

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