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Unlocking Your Membership: Streamline Your ElderDocx Drafting

Webinar Recorded: September 01, 2017
Presented by Dania Lane,
Membership Representative, ElderCounsel
Duration: 20 minutes

Your membership provides you with many tools and this series was developed to help you navigate those and ensure you are taking advantage of the resources at your disposal. During this presentation, we’ll showcase ways to make drafting with ElderDocx easier and improve your drafting efficiency. Included will be a discussion of answer files and how to change your file location from your local computer to a shared drive (which enables sharing pick lists, global preferences and case information). We will also discuss case information (and how to make sure it is up-to-date) as well as mirrored documents and scenarios (which can save you significant drafting time).

During this presentation, we’ll review:

  • Answer File Location
  • Pick Lists
  • Global Preferences
  • Case Information & Exceptions Report
  • Mirrored Documents & Scenarios

Your ElderCounsel membership extends to your entire firm! Any member of your firm can attend this webinar and has access to your membership benefits: the ElderDocx drafting system, quality and timely education, valuable marketing tools and a variety of resources designed to elevate your practice. They also have access to training and personalized support. Share this invitation with your staff and empower them to to benefit your clients, and your business.

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