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Unlocking Your Membership: Drafting with ElderDocx

Webinar Recorded: December 02, 2016
Presented byMelanie Smith,
ElderCounsel, LLC
Duration: 27 minutes

You’ve joined the ElderCounsel community and you’re eager to take advantage of everything that comes with your membership. Good! We know membership offers a lot. That’s why we created this webinar series to help you take advantage of your membership and navigate the vast resources at your disposal.

Each quarter, we’ll feature new membership offerings and enhancements while providing a refresher on existing resources and benefits.

Our Unlocking Your Membership webinar will take you from searching templates to previewing your document without assembly. Learn quick and easy tips while navigating through the ElderDocx Library, Launchpad, and Interview during this 30-minute presentation.

We’ll highlight:

  1. ElderDocx Library
    a. Set Preferences
    b. Search Templates
  2. Launchpad Tips
    a. Exceptions Reports
    b. Edit Documents Set Info
    c. Update Signing Date
  3. Interview Tipsa. ElderDocx Tutorials
    b. Comments
    c. ElderDocx Help and Dialogue Resource Pane
    d. Interview Return
    e. Unanswered Questions
    f. Document Preview
  4. Assembly Options
    a. Save Option
  5. Help Center
  6. Your Membership Representative

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