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Turn an Advisor Presentation into New Business

Webinar Recorded: July 12, 2016
Presented byKristin Yokomoto, JD, 
Balanced Legal Planning
Duration: 29 minutes

Your April 2016 PEP marketing content included a live presentation that ElderCounsel member Kristin Yokomoto delivered to a group of financial advisors. In the presentation, she takes the audience through the definition of elder law, explains the services her office can provide, and encourages a team approach between the financial advisor and attorney. Having successfully given this presentation a number of times, she has several key takeaways to share that will allow you to flawlessly deliver this presentation to your referral sources! Join this webinar to learn how to turn an advisor presentation into new business and strengthen advisor relationships.

Topics addressed:

  • Kristin will discuss:
  • What to do before an advisor presentation
  • How to engage the advisors
  • Two things that really matter
  • Five key slides that promote interaction
  • Turning advisor interaction into new business for your firm
  • How to follow up after the presentation

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