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Trust Lending for Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts: Your clients have a choice!

Webinar Recorded: November 13, 2018
Presented by Frank Melia, CMPS,
Vice President/ Lending, Quontic Bank
Duration: 46 minutes

Irrevocable trusts can be a very useful Medicaid planning tool to protect your client’s assets. But, down the line you may realize it actually poses several limitations on your client’s ability to secure a home, mortgage, or even a loan, making it impossible to cover unexpected expenses when they arise. Think there aren’t any borrowing options for assets held in an irrevocable trust? There are options!

Watch Frank Melia, Vice President of Quontic Bank and trust lending expert, for an informational presentation where you’ll learn new ways to put control back into the hands of your clients by giving them more borrowing options than ever before. During the webinar, we’ll cover what type of loans are available, how to qualify and more. Let us be a resource for both you and your client.

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