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Truly Track Your Marketing ROI

Webinar Recorded: May 23, 2017
Presented by Aaron Rothert, JD, 
Atticus, Inc.
Duration: 33 minutes

What makes marketing so unpredictable? Many variables come in to play: the level of relationship you have with the referral source, their access to good referable clients, whether or not they feel you can reciprocate, their standing relationships with other attorneys, their desire to see you succeed, etc. The interplay of all these variables leads to wide-ranging results, making it difficult to answer the “How many lunches does it take?” question. But let’s take it one step further: With this lack of predictability, how can you tell if your marketing efforts ever pay off?

Topics discussed:

  • The Atticus Referral Development System™
  • The Atticus Referral Development Process™
    • Key Area #1: Who to Talk To
    • Key Area #2: What to Say
    • Key Area #3: How and When to Say it
    • Key Area #4: Marketing Assistant
    • Key Area #5: Tracking
    • Key Area #6: Accountability
  • Grading Your Referral Sources
  • Client Inquiry Tracker
  • Referral Source Manager
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client and Referral Sources
  • Goals

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