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The Power of No – Increasing Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy

Webinar Recorded: January 10, 2017
Presented by John Burns, J.D., 
John Burns Law, PLC
Duration: 28 minutes

We are conditioned and taught to say “yes” to most things that are presented to us. Some of that is our upbringing; Some of it is a fundamental belief that we must make the most of every opportunity presented to us.

As professionals, we are all typically approached about participation on boards and other organizations. Some of it is a consequence of our
practices; Others of us are naturally attracted to or are drawn to certain activities. There is an abundance of groups and organizations which do wonderful and laudable work, most of which are worthy of our time and our commitment. However, one cannot do it all…..or at least not do all of it effectively. In fact, I submit that the most successful people are usually the ones who are most deliberate and intentional in their actions and commitments. Consequently, saying “yes” to certain things necessarily means saying “no” to others even when it means saying “no” more often than saying “yes.”

By focusing on what truly matters to you and pursuing those objectives, you can and will be more disciplined and effective…….and maybe even happier because you will regain your most precious commodity, namely, your time.

The Power of No.  Defining and Defending Your Life. 

  • Defining what matters to you
  • Focusing on what matters to you
  • Asserting and pursuing your objectives

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