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The Perfect Business Storm: Part 1- Bridging the Generation Gap

Webinar Recorded: September 12, 2017
Presented by Andy Gateriewictz,
Duration: 35 minutes

How you conduct business is changing fast. Running a business is not like it was just five year ago.

A perfect storm is brewing and it is being driven by new technology and the different ways people think today. Baby boomers that were running businesses are retiring and generations Y and Z now represent the majority of the workforce.

There are different problems that have to be addressed in business today. Problems like different mindsets and communication styles between the workers born during different eras. Friction caused by these factors may be aggravated by new technology and the unique work patterns of an ever-changing work team.

The key component a business owner must grasp is the ability to effectively address and take advantage of the differences in values and expectations of this new generation. Andy Gateriewictz, Co-founder of YZGenerations, discusses these climate changes and gives you tips to get through the Perfect Business Storm.

Topics addressed:

  • What is the Perfect Business Storm
  • The changing business climate
  • Elements of change
  • Communication challenge

Watch Part 2 here

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