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Starting Off on the Right Foot: Go From Zero to $100K in Six Months

Webinar Recorded: May 08, 2018
Presented by Mikel D. McKinley, Jr., JD/MBA,
McKinley Law Group, LLC
Duration: 39 minutes

Whether you’re just starting your elder law practice or you’re a seasoned attorney looking for new tips to increase revenue, this presentation is for you. Get inspired by ElderCounsel member Mike McKinley when you hear his secrets to building a successful elder law practice. Mike will give you the steps that allowed him to leave a salaried position in a firm and double his annual salary in just six months!

Topics Include:

  1. Startup Costs – what you must have
    • Office Setup
  2. Marketing
    • What actually works to bring in new clients
    • What does not work
  3. Serving new clients:  Doing the work that you were hired using ElderDocx™
  4. Follow up
  5. Blueprint

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