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Revolutionary Advance Directive: Early Dementia and End of Life Treatment Choices

Webinar Recorded: June 13, 2018
Presented by Judith Schwarz, PhD, RN,
End of Life Choices New York
Duration: 66 minutes

As the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s increases in the U.S. there is growing awareness by individuals and their families of the importance of making informed decisions about future interventions while decision-making capacity is present. During this presentation, a unique written advance directive will be presented. It is designed for those with an early stage of dementia who wish to limit assisted oral feedings once their dementia becomes advanced, and they lose decision making capacity and the ability to self-feed. An appointed health care agent must assume the role of advocate for the wishes of the now silent patient.

The following will be included in this discussion:

  • Historical and clinical context of the directive’s development
  • Why limitations on future assisted oral feeding in advanced dementia may be necessary
  • NYS health care law and where this directive ‘fits’

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