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Navigating the Uncertainty of the Proposed Tax Code Changes

Lately, there has been much hand wringing over recent proposals to change the tax code.

Let’s get together to take stock of how the different proposals could impact your elder law clients now and in the future. We will also talk about the important planning techniques you should continue to use regardless of the current uncertainty.

During the recording Jessica Fisher Greene, Attorney at Walters & Galloway, PLLC, leads us through the proposed changes to:

  • Capital gains rates
  • Basis step-up
  • Other relevant proposals that could impact your elder law clients’ tax obligations

She will also cover trust drafting considerations that can give your clients flexibility, while optimizing protection, without knowing the exact future of the country’s tax policy.

Webinar Recorded: June 14, 2021
Presenter: Jessica Fisher Greene, J.D., CELA, LL.M., Attorney, Walters & Galloway, PLLC
Duration: 59 minutes

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