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Problems and Opportunities as LGBT Marriage Rights Rollout

Webinar Recorded: October 6, 2015
Presented by Cynthia Barrett, Esq., Cynthia L. Barrett, PC
Duration: 60 minutes

What does marriage recognition mean for me? Learn the implementation glitches practitioners are discovering – and how to handle them in your state.

Topics covered:

  1. Post-Obergefell
    • Top issues for presentations
    • LGBT checklist
    • Two handouts – Social Security, Medicare
    • Estate and gift tax practice tips
    • Parentage – Blowback from Alabama Supreme Court
  2. Key Supreme Court Decisions: Windsor 2013, Obergefell 2015
  3. Trans Marriage
  4. Stacking to meet duration SSA rule
  5. Your community presentation
    • IRA/Retirement Plan
    • Social Security
    • Veterans Benefits
    • SSI, Medicaid, LTC
    • State rights
    • Special needs planning for children
  6. LGBT checklist
  7. Social Security basics
  8. Medicare basics for LGBT couples
  9. Recent transgender developments
  10. LGBT tax developments
  11. Parentage critical
  12. Questions

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