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Presentations to Market Your Firm

Webinar Recorded: June 27, 2017
Presented by Peter Harbach, J.D.,
and Sarah Kons, J.D., Hooper Law Office, LLC
Duration: 52 minutes

The biggest competition to your firm is not the elder law firm down the road, it’s a public that doesn’t know what you can do. A common solution is to conduct educational seminars but how do you make them successful?

The greatest information in the world is useless to an empty classroom and the most-loved presenters haven’t helped if it doesn’t motivate the attendees to act. During this presentation, ElderCounsel members Peter Harbach and Sarah Kons will share how they have grown their firm through public education.

They will provide practical advice based on years of seminar trial and error including:

  • Tips on venue selection
  • Effective advertising and setting expectations
  • Setting up the event
  • Handouts
  • Starting off on the right foot
  • Structuring your content and focusing in the right areas
  • Wrapping up the session and converting attendees to leads

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