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Ohio Elder Law Update

Recorded: January 04, 2018
Presented by Dawn McFadden and Christina Bushnell, 
McFadden Bushnell LLC
Duration: 69 minutes

The webinar features an outline of basic Medicaid rules and strategies as well as summarizing the updates specific to Ohio. Our gratitude to Dawn McFadden and Christina Bushnell, McFadden Bushnell LLC, for providing this information and recording the video for the benefit of all Ohio members.

Topics Covered: 

  1. Review of State Medicaid Program
  2. Criteria for Nursing Home and Waiver Programs
  3. Community Spouse Monthly Income Allowance & Family Allowance
  4. Patient Liability
  5. Medicaid Planning Strategies
  6. Passport and Assisted Living Waiver Program
  7. Estate Recovery

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