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New Strategies for Estate Recovery in California


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Recorded: August 17, 2016
Presented by James Watson, JD, Gaw Van Male 
and Jason Penrod, JD, Family Elder Law
Duration: 59 minutes

SB-833 changed how the term “estate” is defined in California for purposes of Medi-Cal estate recovery. Learn about the new rules, and get a jump-start on strategies you can use to protect Medi-Cal recipients from estate recovery. ElderCounsel members Jamie Watson (CA) and Jason Penrod (FL) discuss the exciting new opportunities this change in the law brings for you and your clients.

Topics Covered in New Strategies for Estate Recovery in California: 

  1. Current Law Regarding Medi-Cal Recovery
  2. Current Planning Strategies
  3. SB-833 a Paradigm Shift
  4. Revised Planning Strategies

Download Materials: (364 KB)
Materials include Presentation (PDF) | Handout (PDF)