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Marketing to Lawyers

Webinar Recorded: August 26, 2014
Presented by Steve Riley, 
Duration: 50 minutes

Did you know one of your best sources for new business and a continuous stream of pre-qualified clients is other attorneys? Are you currently maximizing the limitless potential of your colleague sitting next to you at the local bar meeting or is the value of this resource currently a mystery to you? In this PEP Talk, our expert presenter, Steve Riley, attorney and certified practice advisor for Atticus, will tell you the three things you have to know when marketing to your own profession. Don’t miss this practice changing event! Join us to learn how to motivate fellow attorneys in your community from the expert who knows how to effectively and efficiently get the referrals in the door!

Topics include:

  1. Why do you want referred clients?
  2. The 10 fears of marketing to lawyers
  3. The 10 advantages of marketing to lawyers
  4. An attorney network
  5. The Atticus Referral Development process
  6. Who are your dream clients?
  7. The scary stuff: Asking for referrals

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