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Leveraging Design Sheets and Scenarios for More Efficient Document Drafting

Recorded: September 29, 2016
Presented by Miles Zatkowsky, Esq., 
Dutcher and Zatkowsky
Duration: 51 minutes

Join Attorney and ElderCounsel Charter Member, Miles Zatkowsky, for a one-hour webinar on the advantages of using Design Sheets and Scenarios in ElderDocx to streamline document drafting.  Miles will walk through how to plan for and create a customized Scenario for your firm. He’ll also provide tips on personalizing workflow processes to fit your work style and comfort level.

Topics Covered: 

  1. Why Use Design Sheets & Scenarios in ElderDocx
  2. How to Use Design Sheets
  3. Creating a Custom Scenario
  4. Recap w/Tips for Adapting These ElderDocx Tools for Your Practice

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