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Legal Strategies for Resolving Elder Financial Abuse

Recorded: July 12, 2018
Presented by Liz Loewy, Co-Founder
and Chief Operating Officer, EverSafe
Duration: 60 minutes

Elder financial abuse is America’s multibillion-dollar little secret. The exploiters include family members, caregivers, professionals, and strangers. Although nearly one in five seniors is said to be affected, only one in 44 cases is actually reported. Given the rising US senior demographic and the cognitive challenges that often accompany older age, it is critical for attorneys to take steps to protect vulnerable clients and help those who may be victims.

Topics Covered: 

  1. Elder financial abuse – common schemes, illustrated by actual cases
  2. Power of attorney – friend or foe?
  3. Red flags of exploitation
  4. Financial capacity – legal issues
  5. Referring the elder financial abuse case to law enforcement
  6. Regulatory issues, including state reporting requirements
  7. Tips for advance planning/prevention
  8. Leveraging technology to prevent exploitation and identify issues related to capacity
  9. Helpful resources

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