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In It Together: Running a Remote Practice and a Traditional Practice

  • How they are handling remote work while keeping their physical space open as an essential business
  • How they are managing productivity of team members
  • Technology they are using for internal management
  • How they are conducting client meetings

Recorded: April 17, 2020
Interview: Howard S. Krooks, Esq., CELA, CAP, Elder Law Associates PA and ElderCounsel Principal, and Shawna Holmes, Firm Administrator at Elder Law Associates PA

Howard Krooks, ElderCounsel Principal, has an elder law practice in Boca Raton, Florida with several other Florida locations and a practice in New York. Shawna is the Office Manager for two of the locations and makes sure both locations run at full throttle.

Remote work vs. essential business at physical office
Legal work is essential at the moment in Florida so we are able to work in-office. A team meeting was held to plan for work changes and solicit feedback to consider family situations. A handful of employees preferred to work remotely and some opted to work in-office. Over time, preferences changed but the goal was to offer that flexibility to each team member.

Managing productivity of team members
It is important to be in tune with the demands and home life of staff members who are working from home for the first time. Each person has a different set of demands at home. For staff members working from home, Hub Staff has been helpful to track time and productivity. Additionally, allowing flexibility with work time has been helpful.

We’ve also invested and ensured that each employee has a laptop as well as a dual monitor setup to maintain productivity at a high level. Backup internet service is also key to staying productive.

Planned calls at set times have been very helpful rather than several calls throughout the day. As many employees are also committed to childcare and helping children with online learning, having organized huddle meetings has been helpful.

Conducting client meetings
We have had a history and comfort level with remote work with our Florida and New York clients – most often via telephone. We have not had a demand for video calls but are open to the idea. Our practice has a checklist that we use to keep organized.

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