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In It Together: Marketing

  • How to convert in-person events to online events.
  • Repurpose the marketing budget that was set aside for the next 3 months and develop digital marketing strategies.
  • Use social media to drive traffic to your website with the goal to book a call.
  • Set a process to ensure that you deliver what you promise in your webinars.
  • Solo practitioners can compete with larger firms via the internet.

Recorded: March, 31, 2020
Interview: Louis Pierro, Pierro, Connor, & Strauss and ElderCounsel Principal, and Valerie Peterson, ElderCounsel

Louis Pierro’s office is located in the hub of the pandemic, New York City. He shares with Valerie an update on what things are like at his office right now and what they are doing for their marketing plan during COVID-19.

Marketing used to be full of traditional marketing such as seminars, in-person meetings, and business development lunches to cultivate referral sources.

Now is the time to pivot your marketing. People have more times right now and providing online seminars and events, you still get their attention and now they will be more likely to attend. Deliver services to them in the comfort of their own home. You aren’t taking advantage of them. The awareness of needing a plan in place is more than ever now and people are looking for answers.

Look at what you had in place for the next three months for your marketing plan and redirect it to digital marketing.

Doing weekly webinars is something that anyone can do.

The hardest part is getting the word out so people know about the webinars. Use social media, print ads, YouTube videos, and email. Tweak your website so it’s more adaptive to COVID-19 so those resources are easily accessible. Repurpose resources you have already and use it to help people.

You can take it one step further and use chat bots on your website so visitors can connect with you from your website without being there. It takes what a form on a website does one step further.

Get your processes down for how you capture potential new clients to make sure the follow-up is there.

Even if you are working remotely or have a small law firm, you can do this. The Internet is an equalizer. You don’t need a big operation to generate a buzz. You can build out the audience and keep business going.

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