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In It Together: Document Signings, New Business, Unexpected Opportunities

  • How they conduct document signings outside their office
  • Where new business is coming from
  • Opportunities they weren’t expecting
  • Advice for team members and business owners

Recorded: April 17, 2020
Interview: Howard S. Krooks, Esq., CELA, CAP, Elder Law Associates PA and ElderCounsel Principal, and Shawna Holmes, Firm Administrator at Elder Law Associates PA

Document Signings

Fortunately, our office is part of a two building complex with a plaza between them with tables among the vegetation and we are on the first floor with a glass walled conference room. Documents have been prepped and resolved at a prior date. On signing day, the table is disinfected, documents are left on the table, and they are signed with that glass barrier. Pens are new and then given to the clients. The glass separation provides a comfort level. After signing, documents are handled carefully. 

New Business

We have found new business from existing clients with new needs that didn’t exist pre-virus. 

New business consultations have slowed down but it is important to maintain effort and stay out there in the market. 


Communication is key and setting mutually understood expectations. Flexibility and adaptability will be very helpful not only professionally but also personally for the team members. Hiring and onboarding can also be done remotely with creative thinking.

Structure is very important for success. If there is down time, take the opportunity to address all of the tasks that have been in the queue but deprioritized due to lack of time. Structure is key to keeping a sane-ness to work lives.

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