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How to Prepare a Complete VA Pension Application

Webinar Recorded: July 19, 2018
Presented by Whitney M. Wilson, JD,
Elder Law of Louisville
Duration: 84 minutes

This program will cover everything you need to know to file a claim for VA Pension or VA Death PensionSurvivor’s Pension benefits using the Fully Developed Claim process, including tips and tricks you need to be aware of before the application is filed, development letters you might receive, and having a VA Fiduciary appointed after the claim is approved. Included in the program materials is a copy of a completed claim package for someone applying for the VA Survivor’s Pension with Special Monthly Compensation for Aid & Attendance.

Topics Covered:

  1. Effective Dates, Retroactive Awards & Benefits
  2. Ways to File & Where to File the Claim
  3. Types of Pension Claims
  4. Forms Needed for Complete Application
  5. Evidence Needed
  6. Various Letters from the VA
  7. VA Fiduciary Process
  8. Questions

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