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How to Perform the (seemingly) Impossible: The Non-Lawyer Initial Consultation

Webinar Recorded: November 22, 2016
Presented by Steve Riley, J.D.,
Duration: 65 minutes

Steve Riley has coached attorneys for the past 15 years. An inspiring and challenging educator, he has created several programs for leading attorneys to success, including the Double Your Revenue™ workshop, the Practice Growth Program™, and the Atticus Dominate Your Market™ program.

One topic that comes up frequently is the concept of the non-lawyer initial consultation. While this may sound like a lofty, nearly impossible goal for many solo practitioners or small-sized firms, Steve has helped attorneys implement this advanced strategy into their elder law practices. As a result, their revenues and closing rates have increased considerably, and their time per file has decreased. Yes you heard correctly, the non-lawyers meet, and get your firm retained by new clients!

Publicizing your achievements as an attorney to the client can rub people the wrong way. Picture the benefits of your staff expressing all the reasons why you are THE attorney of choice in this area and see how quickly the client hires you. In this hour long session, Steve will be covering the basics of implementing this strategy into your elder law practice.

Topics Covered:

  1. The 4 Building Blocks for Growth
  2. The 3 Big Objections
  3. The 8 Key Steps to Success
  4. The Top 10 Mistakes
  5. Next Action
  6. Questions

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