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How to Pay for Results, Not Promises

Webinar Recorded: September 27, 2016
Presented by Audrey Ehrhardt, JD, CBC,
Duration: 29 minutes

Most practicing attorneys today are either too busy or don’t know how to hire the right marketing agency for their firm. Unfortunately, what they don’t know can harm them. There’s a dark side to marketing content today. Duplicative content, unsupported blogs, non-lawyer marketing services, and quadruple-your- money- strategies are harming the practicing attorney more than helping. In this PEP Talk, Audrey Ehrhardt, JD, CBC, will talk about how to identify whether or not your content is designed for your firm, how to hire a company and what results you are entitled to under contract to ensure you are improving your firm’s marketing instead of spending money on over-priced air.

Topics Covered:

  1. Starting with a Real Baseline
  2. Market share increase with the right growth
  3. Top promises to watch out for
  4. How to get real results

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