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How the Elder Law and Personal Injury Attorney Can Work Together

Elder law attorneys have long heard that working with personal injury attorneys can be a profitable source of business.

Elder law attorneys can assist an injured plaintiff maintain their benefits while ensuring their personal injury award lasts as long as possible. The question that many elder law attorneys ask is “How does this joint effort work in practice?”

Joanne Marcus and Ron Feinman discuss how pooled special needs trusts can serve as an invaluable tool to ensure you and the injured client are achieving the goals for benefits qualification as well as asset protection.

During the recorded webinar, they will cover:

  • The basics of using pooled trusts for injured clients
  • Medicaid Set Aside concerns
  • How to weave structured settlements into the equation

This recorded webinar will offer insight into how to help injured plaintiffs and tools you can use expand your referral network to personal injury attorneys confidently.

Webinar Recorded: October 5, 2021
Presenters: Joanne Marcus, MSW, President/CEO, Commonwealth Community Trust and Ron Feinman, Esq., Founder/Principal, Virginia Elder Law, PLC
Duration: 58 minutes

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