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Get a Marketing Plan Together – How Do You Do That Ethically? (Member Benefit Webinar)

Recorded: December 15, 2016
Presented by Sabrina Winters, Esq., 
Attorney at Law, PLLC
Duration: 37 minutes

Most entrepreneurs know they need a business plan, but not everyone realizes that a marketing plan is just as important. A marketing plan helps you attract and retain clients and spells out the tactics to achieve your business goals.

Who are you? Who’s your client? How are you going to attract them?

Learn how to consider these questions to shape a marketing plan that works to generate the results you want for your business (hint: never stop marketing!).

Topics Covered: 

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who knows you?
  3. Where are you?
  4. Website Disclaimer
  5. Ethics Question
    a. Paid Advertisements
    b. Inducements to Prospectice Clients
    c. Paid Downloads of Manual

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