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Founders Series: Tell the Truth, Tell it All

Webinar Recorded: February 13, 2017
Presented by Michael Amoruso, Esq., ElderCounsel Principal, Amoruso & Amoruso
Duration: 60 minutes

Have you had a client who “forgot” to tell you about a checking account that contains $100,000? What about the beach front condo? Or something as simple as the primary residence, which has two separate deeds? You get the gist of the question – sometimes clients simply forget to give crucial information at the right time.

Will the new information force you to change your planning strategy, thereby costing you valuable time and money? Join one of ElderCounsel’s founding Principals, Michael Amoruso, to learn his way of effective information gathering that determines if he will represent the client.

Topics covered:

Establish Clear Firm Protocol

  • How to determine the “perfect” client
  • Information taken over the phone prior to the meeting
  • Information sent out to the client prior to the meeting

Obtaining the Key Information

  • Safeguards to make sure the client is giving you complete information
  • What if client fails to do their homework?
  • Conducting the consultation to be certain you have all the honest facts

The Decision

  • Now you decide: “Do I want this case or not”
  • If so, move to pricing
  • If not, refer out? Disengage?

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