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Founders Series: Irrevocable Trusts: Not Just for the Rich

Webinar Recorded: September 19, 2017
Presented by Howard Krooks, Esq., CELA, CAP,
Elder Law Associates PA
Duration: 83 minutes

How many times has a potential client told you they do not need a trust because they do not have enough money or assets? Join one of the ElderCounsel founding Principals, Howard Krooks, to learn why the quantity of resources and assets do not matter when you are talking about an irrevocable trust. Howard will discuss why an irrevocable trust can be used for almost any client, based on facts and not dollar values.


  • Benefits of Irrevocable Trust Planning
  • Talking to clients about Irrevocable Trusts
  • IRAs – What to do with IRAs
  • Homes – Avoiding estate recovery on the home
  • Crisis Planning Utility – How to get a crisis plan done with no “proper” donees

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