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Five Ways to Keep More of the Money You’re Making

Webinar Recorded: April 08, 2017
Presented by Anne Dickinson, MBA,
Eye on Your Business
Duration: 42 minutes

Consider the financial health of your business. Do you know how to figure out these crucial numbers and what they should be? If you’re like most business owners, reviewing your profit and loss statement is not high on the priority list. After all, you are an attorney, not an accountant.

Good news! Managing your firm’s finances does not have to be daunting. Anne Dickinson, Chief Visionary of Eye on Your Business, will reveal how to accelerate your profits fast, using five SIMPLE fixes.

Even for the experienced, staying on top of your numbers can be challenging because the landscape of running a business is continually changing.

During this presentation, you will:

  • Discover the five places you can keep more of the money you’re making and what to DO about it
  • Find and plug profit leaks to support having a much healthier business – be it more revenue, cash, working capital or better liquidity
  • Find out the BIGGEST mistakes businesses are making and avoid being a statistic. Did you know 80% of businesses fail within the first five years?
  • Learn how to STOP feeling stressed by “the numbers” and develop confidence in the decisions you make around your finances
  • Walk away with new clarity around what it will take to keep more of the money you’re making

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