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Find the Time to Work on Your Business Using Virtual Assistants

Webinar Recorded: January 12, 2016
Presented by Michael Smith, JD
and Richard Barid, JD, Smith Barid, LLC
Duration: 37 minutes

The efficiency of your practice is of paramount importance to the success and profitability of your business. Your time is valuable and without support to allow you to do what you do best, your practice becomes inefficient. In order to grow your firm, you need to grow your resources, but where do you start? Hire? Outsource?

Over the past eight years, Michael Smith and Richard Barid have leveraged systems and technology to successfully grow and run their Savannah, Georgia based practice using as many as seven virtual assistants from across the country. During this webinar, Mike and Richard will share insights about how to successfully identify tasks which can be outsourced, how to choose and train virtual assistants, and how to successfully manage the workflow using technology.

This webinar is provided complimentary to all ElderCounsel members as a sneak peek into our LAB Services offerings.

They will also cover:

  1. Why you should consider utilizing virtual assistants
  2. How to find virtual assistants and ensure you are making good hiring decisions
  3. Tasks that are easy to delegate to virtual assistants, and which are not
  4. How to manage virtual assistants’ work and what tools are necessary or useful for collaboration

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