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Final Friday Update: July 2018

Recorded: July 27, 2018
Presented by
Jill Roamer, J.D., ElderCounsel, LLC
Duration: 25 minutes

Final Friday is a 30-minute review each month of important news updates in the areas of Medicaid planning, special needs planning and veterans pension planning from across the country.


  1. Federal judge blocks Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements,
  2. New York:  Medicaid application cannot be denied because information regarding estranged spouse could not be confirmed,
  3. United States Supreme Court upholds revocation-on-divorce provision can be applied retroactively,
  4. New Jersey:  Minimum contacts not established for nursing home to sue out-of-state family member for unpaid bill,
  5. New Jersey:  Mom who began paying daughter for care, after daughter provided 2 years of free care, is penalized for Medicaid eligibility,
  6. Connecticut:  Medicaid appeal not ruled on timely leads to reversal of benefit denial,
  7. New Jersey:  Codicil written in blood is valid,
  8. Texas:  There is no valid cause of action for intentional interference with an inheritance,
  9. Michigan:  State probate courts have jurisdiction to enter protective orders concerning a community spouse,
  10. New Vermont probate law,
  11. New Florida law regarding Veterans,
  12. Federal minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance and community spouse monthly housing allowance has been changed.

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