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Final Friday Update – February 2020

Recorded: February 27, 2020
Presented by
Jill Roamer, J.D., ElderCounsel, LLC
Duration: 31 minutes

Watch ElderCounsel’s 30-minute review of important news updates in the areas of Medicaid planning, special needs planning and veterans pension planning from across the country.


1. Can a health care worker post a photo of a patient?
2. Irrevocable trust deemed an available asset due to discretionary distribution authority
3. Can authorized representatives sue the state?
4. State recoups benefits from unqualified recipient
5. Can an agent designate a nursing home and apply for Medicaid?
6. State tries to recover from community spouse’s annuity
7. Congress reverses kiddie tax change
8. California order to implement expanded spousal impoverishment protections
9. Disney accessibility trial finished
10. State updates
a. California must now comply with expanded spousal impoverishment protections
b. Wisconsin delays work requirements once more
c. Maine proposes to reconsider estate recovery
d. Arkansas work requirements update
e. Iowa and work requirements
11. Feel Good Friday
a. Wish of a Lifetime
b. Six Flags now autism certified

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