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Final Friday Update | April 2020

Webinar Recorded: April 24, 2020
Presented by: Jill Roamer, J.D.,
Duration: 24:40 minutes

Final Friday – April 2020 Agenda

  1. Ability to change annuity term doesn’t deem it available resource

  1. Nursing home standing after applicant has died

  1. Observation status ruling

  1. Claim under LTC insurance policy denied

  1. ASSET Act introduced

  1. States calling for student loan forgiveness for those with disabilities

  1. SSA finalized rule regarding education category for SSDI and SSI claims

  1. State updates
    1. Court strikes down Michigan work requirements

  1. Feel Good Friday
    1. Vans Autism Awareness

  1. Police offers stickers for home to alert first responders

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