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Final Friday: September 2017

Recorded: September 29, 2017
Presented by Valerie L. Peterson, J.D.
and Jill Roamer, J.D., ElderCounsel, LLC
Duration: 26 minutes

Final Friday Update: 30 Days in 30 Minutes is a member webinar ElderCounsel hosts each month to review important news updates in the areas of Medicaid planning, special needs planning and Veterans Pension planning from across the country.


  1. Agent did not have authority to create irrevocable trust (Pennsylvania)
  2. Repeal and replace legislation efforts, part four
  3. Nursing home residents sue to be able to transition to community care (D.C.)
  4. Iowa requesting waiver on three month retroactive payments
  5. Kansas rules on penalizing transfers to pooled trusts

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