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Exploring Medi-Cal’s New Qualification Rules and Ongoing Planning Opportunities

Assembly Bill 133 will drastically change the Medi-Cal program as soon as this year.

Already an outlier in the country, this bill further pushes California into uncharted qualification requirements for those seeking long-term care benefits. As with all change, there are opportunities for attorneys to educate and help their clients understand the impact these changes will have on their lives.

During the recorded webinar, Phil Lindsley discusses the changes to the Medi-Cal program that are coming this year and those scheduled to take effect in the next couple years. He also provides insight on how to prepare your clients for these changes and the planning strategies that will continue to be vital for your clients.

Webinar Recorded: March 22, 2022
Presenter: Philip P. Lindsley, CELA, CLS, Principal & Attorney, San Diego Elder Law Center
Duration: 45 minutes

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