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Entering VA Pension Planning from the Ground Floor

Webinar Recorded: May 28, 2015
Presented by Valerie Peterson, JD, 
Duration: 67 minutes

If you’ve heard the word “VA Pension” but you weren’t sure what it meant, or if you did not think you could make money helping clients in this area, this course is for you. In 3 short (30-minute or less) webinars, we answer commonly asked questions of attorneys who are considering this area and provide an overview of the foundational rules you’ll need to know to get started in this exciting and rewarding area of law.

Topics Covered:

Part 1 (17 minutes)

  1. What does it mean to do VA pension planning?
  2. The definition
  3. Advantages over Medicaid
  4. Potential clients
  5. How it relates to elder law
  6. Compensation vs. pension
Part 2 (12 minutes)
  1. Getting paid
  2. Pricing your services
  3. Compensation vs. pension – how they differ when it comes to fees
  4. Getting accredited
Part 3 (32 minutes)
  1. Aid & Attendance
  2. Basic eligibility
  3. 3-part qualification process
  4. Means test: Unreimbursed medical expenses
  5. Unreimbursed Medical Expenses
  6. Calculating income
  7. Needs test
  8. Net worth
  9. Transfers
  10. Death pension
  11. Medicaid planning strategies that will not work for VA pension
  12. Your next step
  13. Changes are coming

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