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Crafting Consultations that Compel Immediate Action

Webinar Recorded: July 11, 2017
Presented by Tracey A. L. Ingle, Esq.,
Founder of Good Guardian and Principal of Ingle Law, P.C.
Duration: 34 minutes

Are you tired of spending tons of time trying to get hired and ready to confidently quote your price for a planning package? Maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “There has to be an easier way!” Tracey will explain how to effectively structure your first meeting with new prospects using Crafted Consultations. The end result will be prospects begging to work with you, and you get paid, all in the first conversation!

In this PEP Talk, you’ll learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t lay out all the worst case scenarios
  • How to craft a consultation that gives you confidence for your services and pricing
  • The 5 simple steps to get hired during your initial conversation
      1. Offers and solutions
      2. Use ideal clients’ words
      3. Craft “Yes” questions
      4. Talk “with” the prospects
      5. Dive deep

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