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Conventional (and some Unconventional) Ways to Position Your Elder Law Practice for Growth and Stability

Recorded: January 26, 2017
Presented by William Hammond, J.D.,
President of KC Elder Law
Duration: 55 minutes

Join respected elder law attorney and futurist William Hammond for a wide-ranging discussion on what lies ahead in the next four years under the Trump administration. Learn what steps attorneys are taking to protect their practices and what steps you should also consider adopting in these confusing times.

Topics Covered: 

  1. Putting the election of 2016 in historical perspective and what the future likely holds for elder law attorneys;
  2. Why elder law under the Trump administration may not look all that different from its outlook if Hillary Clinton had been elected;
  3. How to insulate your practice if the Medicaid block grants or tax credit proposals become law;
  4. How seismic shakeups in the long term care industry give elder law attorneys a great opportunity to help your clients while you help assure your firm’s longevity;
  5. How to change or adjust your marketing methods in light of these new political realities.

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