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Commonly Asked Questions About Adding Elder Law to An Existing Law Practice

Can I make money doing elder law? Isn’t elder law just Medicaid planning? Isn’t the learning curve really steep?

These are common questions that attorneys have when looking to shift from a conflict-based practice like litigation or family law to a more transactional practice area.

We’ll answer those questions and more while showing you how elder law is a great fit for attorneys looking to make a transition or who are looking for a new revenue stream for their practice. There are numerous advantages to adding elder law, including taking back control of your calendar from the court, setting your own pricing, having grateful clients, and building a strong referral-based practice. Elder law is also a natural extension of an existing estate planning practice.

This video will review questions relevant to any attorney who has thought of expanding their practice into elder law.

Webinar Recorded: November 8, 2021
Presenters: Valerie Peterson, J.D. and Jim Wolverton, J.D.
Duration: 58 minutes

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