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Coffee with Donna: Bring in New Business with Educational Monthly Events

Webinar Recorded: March 21, 2017
Presented by Donna Wilson, J.D., 
Wilson Law, PLC
Duration: 29 minutes

Join us for coffee!  Attorney Donna Wilson invites her existing clients, referral sources, and the general public to attend Coffee with Donna which is a monthly client-generating speaking event on important legal topics.  During this PEP Talk, Donna will take you behind-the-scenes of this educational, low-cost event and will share what goes into planning and presenting it every month.  She will also explain the impact it has on her practice, as well as her entire community.  Don’t miss this conversation with Donna! Topics discussed:

  1. What is Coffee with Donna?
  2. Behind the scenes- Marketing campaign
  3. Who you should invite to an event like this
  4. What you should (and shouldn’t) talk about
  5. 7-Part Marketing Approach
  6. Your goals for this event
  7. Questions

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