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Close the Deal: Connect Needs with Solutions

Webinar Recorded: February 14, 2017
Presented by John Dotson, JD, 
Kentucky ElderLaw, PLLC
Duration: 30 minutes

Closing a deal starts the minute a prospective client contacts your law firm. The first step is to identify your target client. To do this, you must understand the needs of the person reaching out to you. It is then your job to identify opportunities and solve their problems through character and competence. Show the potential client that you care about their specific situation and are experienced in this field to find the right solution for them. Once all this is in place, the groundwork has been laid for the client to trust you and your services to close the deal.

During this 30-minute presentation, John will discuss how to:

  • Identify the client
  • Focus on the needs, opportunities and solutions
  • Show your character and competence to close the deal

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