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Been There, Done That – June 2017

Webinar Recorded: June 09, 2017
Presented by Melissa Crump, JD,
Duration: 28 minutes

Been There, Done That is a monthly practice building and marketing focused Q&A session designed for ElderCounsel LAB Services (formally the Practice Enhancement Program) members.  Bring your questions to the table and get direction from an experienced Elder Law attorney related to running your practice, marketing, staffing, connecting with referral sources and more!

Questions addressed:

  1. Should I be charging for first client appointments?
  2. What factors should be considered when charging for a first client appointment?
  3. How do you successfully explain charging to a potential client?
  4. When do you use the ROI?
  5. What is the right amount to charge for planning?
  6. When looking at creating solutions for clients- can you say the things that are typically “packaged together” for a flat fee and what are piecemeal addons?
  7. How do I set up my value proposition so people understand they need to do long term care planning so I do not have objections?
  8. Do I have to give up control (of assets)?
  9. What are the pros/cons of following a 24 hour response time for client inquiries?
  10. Is this Medicaid fraud?
  11. Is this ethical?

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