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Been There, Done That – August 2017

Webinar Recorded: August 17, 2017
Presented by Melissa Crump, JD, 
ElderCounsel and Mark Metzger, JD, Law Office of Mark C. Metzger and Atticus Certified Practice Advisor
Duration: 42 minutes

Been There, Done That is a practice building and marketing focused Q&A session designed for ElderCounsel Practice Enhancement Program (PEP) members. As a sneak peek into the PEP program, we invite all ElderCounsel members to join us for the August session! Bring your questions to the table and get direction from two experienced Elder Law attorneys related to running your practice, marketing, staffing, connecting with referral sources and more.

Questions addressed:

  1. Do you have a sample letter that outlines the scope of work and sets expectation on the time required for staff and attorney?
  2. What is the value of Facebook?
  3. What is the best method to determine pricing for your services?
  4. Seems more and more firms are hiring a business development or marketing employee. Do you suggest we do that when  starting out to get your name out in the community?
  5. How do we transition to Elder Law?
  6. Do many law firms use video?
  7. How does audio v. video rank?
  8. How do you give the client a good initial consultation experience without giving legal advice? I find that clients come into the initial consult wanting answers to their specific issues and it is hard to tell them no.
  9. We are about to move into a shared office with a Medicaid app assistance office.  They want to give us a lot of Elder Law clients, but we will not be preparing any apps in this situation.  Should we still be able to make money at this, or is all the money in doing Medicaid applications?

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