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How to Assess the Health of Your Online Presence

Most attorneys understand that having an online marketing presence is essential for success. However, many times the construction of that digital footprint was done haphazardly or without following an overall marketing strategy.

Just like an annual checkup at the doctor’s office, it is always good to take a moment to assess the health of your firm’s online marketing efforts. This understanding can help guide future marketing dollars as well as patch up any gaps that may exist in your online marketing efforts.

During this recording, we lay out the various factors to consider when assessing the health of your online presence, review how to take stock of its effectiveness, and identify areas that could use some TLC.

Now is an excellent time to step back to learn what to look for and take in the complete picture of your digital marketing health.

Webinar Recorded: August 19, 2021
Presenters: Jim Wolverton, J.D. and Hilary Johnson, MBA
Duration: 45 minutes

Are you ready to take the next step needed to improve your business’ online health?

Request a 15-minute discovery call and let’s discuss your current strategies and goals.

If after that conversation you are interested in getting more support and digging into the effectiveness of your current efforts, our team will do a complimentary audit.  We’ll assess your website, blog, branding, email campaigns, social media, and more to make sure you are utilizing each of these marketing strategies in the best way possible. We then come back together so you can see where you shine, and also see the areas that could use some TLC.


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