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Answering THE Question Every Prospective Client Wants Answered: “How Much is this Going to Cost?”

Webinar Recorded: June 28, 2016
Presented by Herb Chavers, Esq.,
Herb Chavers and Jeffrey Sydney, Esq., Sydney Law Firm
Duration: 33 minutes

“So, how much is this going to cost?”
We’ve all heard that question asked more times than we can count.

Some tried and NOT so proven attorney responses are:

  • At forefront of attorney’s mind is the reality that attorney’s car/rent/mortgage payment is due, so attorney responds in trepidation with, “How about $xxxx?”[facial expression of prospective client changes from one of inquiry to one of being shocked] “But, if that’s too much, I could do it for $xxx.”
  • “Since the ad you brought in from Amazing Estate Plans For Less says they’ll do everything for ONLY $995.00, my fee is only $xxx.”
  • “Well.. I was really dreading when you would ask that question, but now that you asked..”[attorney gets out of expensive leather chair, falls upon his or her knees and looks up with pleading eyes] “How about $xxx, if that’s not too much for you?”

ElderCounsel members Herb Chavers and Jeff Sydney share their experiences in answering the question before and after it is asked and the benefit found in developing and using price sheets to help get hired by prospective clients.

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