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3 Solutions Your Firm Needs to Increase Profitability – that can be done from your phone!

Webinar Recorded: June 18, 2015
Presented byAudrey Ehrhardt, JD and Steve Riley, Esq.,
Certified Practice Advisor, Atticus
Duration: 38 minutes

Average smartphone users check their device over 1,500 times a week! How many of those checks can you honestly say result in increased profitability and efficiency? If you are looking for solutions that work then this is the webinar for you. Audrey and Steve discuss three solutions you need to be using to your advantage right now.

Topics Covered:

  1. Solution I: Never forget a name again – OCR App
  2. Solution II: Get your work done on time – Task Management App
  3. Solution III: Create your own information research library – The Clip App

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