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Top 11 Reasons for Estate Planning Attorneys to Add Elder Law to Their Practice Now

Presented by Valerie Peterson, J.D. and Audrey Ehrhardt, J.D.

Family crisis and proactive planning are two general types of planning a typical elder law attorney does. Proactive planning is very similar to the type of planning that estate planning attorneys are already doing. It involves asset protection for seniors. You are talking to your existing client base about what can happen down the road. Have your clients thought about how they won’t run out of money? Help them plan proactively and take the stress off of the family. This is just one of the eleven tips covered in this video.

We encourage you to reach out to ElderCounsel if you are seeking new ways of building your elder law practice, developing new referral sources or for educational support.  If you have any questions on how we can partner with you in this regard please schedule a brief consultation, call us at (888) 789-9908, or email us at