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The Top 3 Things You Cannot Overlook When Starting a Law Practice

Presented by Audrey Ehrhardt, J.D.

Your law office is a business. A balanced practice will focus on more than just law. They will focus on law work, administrative office and referral network development. This synergy allows attorneys to consistently raise their profile as the legal expert in their community, effectively serve their ideal client and build their referral resources while seeing significantly increases in their profitability.

There are three things you can’t overlook when you are starting your law practice: business plan, referral network and administrative structure.

We encourage you to reach out to ElderCounsel if you are seeking new ways of building your elder law practice, developing new referral sources or for educational support.  If you have any questions on how we can partner with you in this regard please schedule a brief consultation, call us at (888) 789-9908, or email us at