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Should I Add Elder Law to My Practice?

Presented by Valerie Peterson, J.D.

There are many opportunities for practicing attorneys to add elder law with their existing client-base. The reality is, your clients are aging. As they are aging, their needs are changing. It is important that you as a law practice changes to address those needs so you can keep your clients throughout their lifetime.

Learning a new practice area takes work but ElderCounsel has created several processes depending on where your interests lies to make that transition simple. We have structured education and have a process designed specifically for an existing estate planning attorney.

We encourage you to reach out to ElderCounsel if you are seeking new ways of building your elder law practice, developing new referral sources or for educational support.  If you have any questions on how we can partner with you in this regard please schedule a brief consultation, call us at (888) 789-9908, or email us at