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Elder law is one of the fastest growing, most rewarding, and highly profitable ways to grow your legal practice.
At ElderCounsel, we are passionate about setting elder law attorneys up for success. The variety of valuable resources on this page pertaining to attorney education and legal document preparation will give you a glimpse of the many benefits ElderCounsel can provide.

Whether elder law is new to your practice, or has already become part of it, our resources will help you jump-start key areas, including Veterans benefits planning, special needs planning, and Medicaid. We offer a 5-star document draft system, monthly webinars to keep you up-to-date on the law and latest news, CLE education in a variety of formats, whitepapers, and other tools to help you better market your elder law practice.

ElderCounsel offers unlimited support to help you build the elder law practice of your dreams.

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Revocable Living Trust Overview Flowchart

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Whitepaper: eBook How to Find Success as an Elder Law Attorney
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LAB Whitepaper: eBook How to Market and Grow Your Elder Law Practice

“I don’t know. Well, if I sell one estate plan in a month, I have paid for it, probably four times over.”

Michele Fuller

“I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s been a fantastic addition to our office and has made such a difference. Whether it’s from a marketing standpoint, office efficiency standpoint and a competency standpoint, it’s been worth it’s weight in gold.”

Mike Bryan

“When you get that first case, earn that first fee, you realize it’s the smartest thing you’ve ever did. I’m here 8 years later still investing every year in ElderCounsel.”

Whitney Wilson

Like many other elder law attorneys, Jonathan Rouse first started in estate planning and just recently decided to incorporate elder law. 

Jonathan fully submerged himself into ElderCounsel resources and within a year of joining, his elder law practice took off. New clients were coming in looking for legal services only he could provide  and business has increased so much that he decided to hire an additional associate and staff member.

Jonathan’s success is an excellent example of how an ElderCounsel membership can transform your practice. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can support your law firm as we have for Jonathan. 


Find a Sense of Community

Stephanie Buffa, ElderCounsel Member
As a solo practitioner, Stephanie was responsible for drafting and updating documents for her clients. The majority of her time was spent updating documents to meet state and federal regulations and laws. She wanted time back in her day so she could be more attentive to her clients’ needs. She decided to join ElderCounsel so she could have up to date documents all of the time.
Finding a sense of community among ElderCounsel members has been one of Stephanie’s favorite parts of becoming a member herself. “I do find that a lot of attorneys that practice in the elder law area are always looking to help each other,” said Stephanie, “and it’s no different with the members of ElderCounsel.”